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MUUME is one of the leading platforms for digital services for daily consumption.

The classic model, which always requires at least one traditional bank institute to serve as a switching center, will be overtaken in the foreseeable future.

The Swiss Fintech company MUUME and Deutsche Sportausweis GmbH are cooperating. One goal is to digitise the physical sports ID by using the MUUME technology and to establish a cross-channel service, including payment for German sports.

Shopping in the store and catching up digitally on product information with your own smartphone are a breeze with MUUME. With the three features of Scan, Pay, Scan + Pay, SelfServicePOS covers all the POS possibilities. It doesn't get any simpler and convenient.

Long lines, at a snack stand at an event, are no more. The same goes for the impatient waiting until the must-have product can finally be purchased. With SelfServicePRE-ORDER, the customers order their products in advance and also pay for them at the same time.

Being on the go and shopping with your smartphone. Buying the sought after items immediately and having them sent home. Or putting them in the digital shopping cart and deciding on the purchase later in peace. All of this is solved with SelfServiceM-SHOP.