MUUME’s Store Capacity Solution

The current solution to this is to have a staff member outside the store counting people in and out. This is expensive and also puts the staff member in a vulnerable position. There is now another way. MUUME’s Facial recognition, counting and temperature signal entry system.

This can allow the retailer to have an automated store capacity counting solution, a more advanced facial recognition system and even a remote temperature reading solution to spot people showing signs of fever.


Facial recognition, counting and temperature signal entry system for your business.

How it works

The small device (Android based screen with NFC functionality) can be set up at the entry points to the store and will check either count the consumers in and out, analyse the consumers face or both face and temperature. It does not keep the image but does store a unique ID for the anonymous consumer. The device is built to use AI to learn and improve recognition and detection rates. The system can then give the customer a signal to enter the store or wait as appropriate.

The additional benefit of using the facial scanning solution is that the retailer can start to understand the age and gender of the people entering the store with a 99.5% recognition rate and also help understand peak time to help with staffing levels.

MUUME Queue-Tally is the perfect solution to help retailers comply with the COVID19 regulations, keep customers and staff safe and help inform future marketing campaigns.