CASE STUDY: NISA Bellshill, Scotland

Seeking a new way to communicate with customers & speed up the in-store process

Umar and his team at NISA in Bellshill, Edinburgh met MUUME at the ThinkSmart convention and after a recommendation from another retailer decided that an app for the convenience store was a great way to communicate with customers and speed up the in-store experience.

“We really liked the idea, the idea of the scan and go. people can grab their products and just go. We are a very busy shop so to cut down as much as possible, in terms of people standing at the till, making it more convenient for customers as well. Giving them [customers] the incentive, that they don’t just have to stand at the till, they can scan their products and just go”

Umar, Nisa Bellshill

Once Umar saw that MUUME had all the tools it needed to offer a scan, pay and go experience as well as marketing capabilities through push notifications, they signed up to implement their very own app into the business.

Umar said that the store is very busy and queuing is a problem so offering a quick option or alternative to select products and leave is a real plus for their business.

Nisa, Bellshill have had the app in place for around a month and alongside MUUME we have created marketing material for in-store to promote use of the app. There are flyers, leaflet and video based content for their in-store screens.

Umar said that the process was easy and everything was covered by the MUUME team, from Sales to Implementation.

There is more that this store in Bellshill want to do with the app and we are working together to keep everything moving and working well. After a short while we will check back in with Umar and see how things are progressing and what changes he has seen as a result of implementing a retail sales and marketing app into the store.

Watch the full video above.