Co-op Extends Trial Of Till-Less Technology

Kamcity has reported that the Co-op has announced that it is rolling out till-less technology into more of its convenience stores as cash-use continues to drop.

The Co-Op have been trialling pay-as-you-go technology with shoppers able to use in-store apps to pay. This trial has been active and will extend to over 30 food outlets across the country by late August.

The CO-OP understand that with the change in customers habits and less use of cash that they need to move with the times and offer consumers alternatives. The Co-Op are leading the way in the smaller convenience store market with many other operators expected to follow suit.

“Technology is bringing unprecedented levels of change to retailing, with speed and ease key drivers for time-pressed consumers. We know that people adopt technology at different speeds, and while cash is here to stay it is clear that it is increasingly playing a lesser role in society. Retailers need to adapt and be agile, and this App builds added choice and convenience into the retail experience for our members and customers, while appealing to new shoppers”.

Mark Pettigrew, Director of Retail Support, Co-op food

MUUME salutes the Co-Op for their forward thinking and hope that many other retailers apply this technology in their business.

We are pleased that businesses are applying this technology. Our service is very similar to that of Co-Op with many retailers contacting us to find out more and new customers signing up all the time. If you are interested in how this technology can benefit your business reach out and we will be pleased to help.

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