Do you need to rethink your business to stay relevant?

You may have seen a few videos this week that we have been posting with the same title as this blog. What are we trying to say?

The title is fairly straight forward and so are the videos but we wanted to dip into it a little further.

MUUME Connect is a Scan, Pay & Go app, if you don’t know that yet – where have you been? Of course the sole purpose for the app and our company is to offer businesses an app that helps the business and the customer alike. So why is our app so important to your business?

Where have you been?

Since back when Woolworths and Blockbuster disappeared from the high-street there has been a steady flow of companies [large and small] having to close their doors. The larger companies had big budgets, a great business model and a reputation across the whole country (and some the world). What went wrong?

It’s simple and we have touched on this before. Technology. We live in world where technology is jumping forward leaps and bounds and in a short space of time too. Heavy investment is being pumped into technology and incorporating it into all areas of our life; shopping, health, transport, work and so much more. The problem that a lot of these companies had was that they didn’t move with the times. They thought they were untouchable, well maybe that is a bit harsh.. Whatever way you look at it they didn’t give technology and moving forward enough credit.

Back to the title

Why does this matter to you and your business? You might be a small business, or just a small convenience store. We don’t need to worry about that we will always be relevant? WILL YOU?

The standard convenience store sells the same as the larger supermarkets but still have a place, this much is true. Thinking that you will always be relevant isn’t

Earlier this week we posted a link to an article that showed Sainsburys are trialing scan, pay & go technology into a smaller store in London. Why is this big news?


This technology is there, the technology has been around and now the larger supermarket giants are getting on-board. This means that the customer will expect it.

Whether you feel that adding technology into your business is a must or just a waste of time and money. You can’t deny that times are changing. If we don’t change with it then we may just get left behind like poor Woolworths, Blockbuster, Toys’r’Us and so many other great companies that now only exist in our memory. MUUME wants to help you to outlive your shelf life.

Get in touch and we can offer you a free demo and a chat how we can help. Add a bit of MUUME magic to your business, no matter what size you are or how ok you think you are going to be.