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MUUME makes traditional shopping and ordering processes into digital service processes.

Digital service processes are efficient and reflect consumer needs to increasingly use their smartphones for daily errands. In addition to the products listed here, we are also happy to advise you in matters of digitization in the retail and food sector.

Your advantages with MUUME


Make shopping and ordering digital for your customers.

Digitization is increasingly progressing. It is about keeping up in an increasingly digitized world of shopping.

Increase your sales and customer loyalty.

The smartphone is one of the most widely used objects of our time. It makes sense to take advantage of this potential and integrate it in the existing shopping and ordering processes.

Your sales revenue is credited immediately.

Your sales revenue is credited to your account in less than a second.

Improve your resource planning and reduce your infrastructure costs.

Digital services help you to plan your resources better and more efficiently and to reduce your infrastructure costs.