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MUUME is revolutionizing digital self-service shopping and ordering with smartphones.

While the consumers shop or order something, they digitize their chosen products and control everything digitally - from the product selection to payment with a click. Consumers want to act in a self-determined way, divide their own time while shopping and also receive product information. Through digitization on their smartphones, consumers can do just this - virtually without any dependencies.

Your advantages with MUUME



Informed about everything.

MUUME shows consumers the digitized product directly on their smartphone plus additional product information in the form of text, image or video.

Effortless from the product to the purchase.

It is a small effortless step from the product selection to payment. Only a click away. 

100% digital comfort.

MUUME is completely digital and makes your shopping trip into a digital experience.

MUUME is secure.

The consumer data and all transactions are protected and secure. MUUME works with the highest and latest security standards.

MUUME works effortlessly.

In all shopping and ordering situations, the consumer always uses the same button for digital checkout via the app.