Introducing the MUUME Connect Retail App

Unless you have been hiding under a rock or in the middle of the desert for months we don’t have to explain what is going on in the world right now. To say it’s crazy would be an understatement, especially for the Retail and Convenience industries. To be honest all industries are in a state of panic and disarray.

MUUME want to help. We have developed a product that can connect your business with your customers or employees, fast! Introducing MUUME Connect.

MUUME Connect is built with the sole purpose in mind and that is connecting with your customers, direct to their phone. With the state of things in the retail markets this is key. Toilet Rolls, Pasta, Medication and so many other products in high demand and customers travelling all over to seek these out. MUUME Connect can help.

Image result for coronavirus empty shelves
Shelves empty as panic buying sweeps Oxfordshire. Photo credit: Oxford Mail

The app comes striaght out of the box and can be branded quickly with your logo. The cost is a one off low fee for a whole year. You customers can download your app and you can push notifications to them in real-time. You can make them aware of any offers you have, opening times, products that have come in stock and so much more. You can also include direct links to web pages, news articles, videos or other media. Once the customer signs up they can agree to the notifications and be kept in the loop so they can manage their time away from the house or work and know exactly where they stand when they come to your store. This is going to be a real game changer in the coming months of uncertainty.

Nisa Bellshill are one of our customers and they are using it just for this reason. Their customers are told when toilet roll is delivered, products that are out of stock, the times to stay away and times to come in. They have also joined forces with local groups to arrange delivery to more vulnerable individuals and families. Technology is helping this business and the local community.

Many companies are taking on MUUME Connect to communicate with their customers and staff and it’s not just retail. The Apprentice winner Alana Spencer has signed up for her company Ridiculously Rich by Alana to push customers to use online deliveries and share important information. Charity Hope and Aid Direct have implemented the app to help with the reduction of fundraising and communicating to customers and those in need. These companies are using the app to communicate during a time that communication is paramount and to stand out over the noise.

Check out for more details about the app and what it does.

Small one-off annual fee, quick and easy set-up – get MUUME Connect for your business now.

If you want to speak to us about implementing into your business quickly contact us via email or on the chat function of our site.