Accomplish more with MUUMEConnect

Merchants keep customers informed on latest news, promotions and product details.
Customers are notified in real-time and enjoy a better shopping experience.

MUUMEConnect is a real app with your logo and colour scheme for communicating directly with your customers.
In fact it’s two apps; one for Apple (iOS) and one for Android.

Accomplish more with CONNECT

Designed for the Merchant to keep the customers informed on latest news, information and details to improve the shopping experience.

CONNECT is a real App with your logo and colour scheme for communicating directly with your customers. In fact it’s two Apps; one for Apple users and the second for Android users. (iOS and Android).

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    Brand app

    branded to your business
    colours, style & more

    Marketing & information tool

    communicate infos, links & more
    with push notifications

    Simple to set-up

    quick & easy set-up and use

    Very low cost

    one-off low cost annual fee

    Unlimited possibilities

    Maximise your creativity and create exceptional campaigns & messages. Communicate information directly to your customers’ or employees’ phones with instant push notifications. Include links to website and other media.

    Easy to use

    MUUME Connect has been designed to be simple for customers and merchants – simple on the front with built-in power and possibilities.

    Trusted by businesses of all types

    Check out some of our customers’ apps for iOS and Android and see for yourself what possibilities this communication channel offers your business.

    Why do I need an App?

    Direct communication and customer engagement

    is key to starting a relationship with your customers.
    The mobile phone is where people spend most screen time.

    Get Brand Recognition

    All companies try to stand out – no matter how big or small you are, you should build your future, too.

    Today, the app makes the sale

    as more and more e-commerce is done on the phone
    rather than on a computer – link to this new channel.

    Engage and know you are heard

    when launching, promoting or providing product details to all interested customers with one click.

    Improved visibility

    Get seen in the app store across multiple nations –
    not just the locals will be able to access your information

    Increased recognition builds customer loyalty

    Open a direct channel with an app that helps standing
    out and getting your business known.

    Limited only by your imagination

    MUUMEConnect is a simple app packaged with massive potential.
    You dreamed of it, we made it.

    What will you do with it?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Just a few things you might be wondering, these are some of the main questions we get asked.

    In short – CONNECT is a real App with your logo and colour scheme for communicating directly with your customers. In fact it is 2 Apps one for Apple and one for Android. (iOS and Android).

    We love social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and linkedin but so does everyone else. This means you are stuck in a world of clutter and conflicting messages from you and your competitors. So you are never able to really know your message hits home. When a consumer installs CONNECT you can send push notifications to them instantaneously. The App also holds information on your location, opening hours, latest deals, offers and links to all your social media sites.

    Absolutely not.

    It has a web based campaign centre where you put in the title of the message, the message itself with appropriate links to other content or clickable contact number and press send. It will reach your customers in seconds.

    Again, absolutely not – £500 plus VAT and a small monthly fee to keep it running is all we ask.

    Call us for more information if you want to use CONNECT for multiple stores!

    And if you are the first in a business sector you might get a reduction to that cost.

    If you want to see what an App like this should cost – try it out here This site has nothing to do with us – but suggests for 2 Apps it would be £7,800 – so we are saving you £7,550 or over 96%!

    Yes, in two ways:

    1) From promoting your own business and linking your offers to your e-commerce site or store and soon we will have in App purchasing.

    2) From finding other businesses who also takes the solution on board. Recommend a friend!

    The winner of the apprentice in 2016 – see her App Ridiculously Rich by Alana

    A deserving charity – Hope and Aid Direct

    Retail chains like Nisa and Spar

    Check out their Apps now!

    The solution can also be turned on to allow your store to have Scan, Pay and Go. Call us for more details. You can also use the app for internal company communications to staff!
    View features here…