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With these products, MUUME is revolutionizing digital self-service shopping and ordering with smartphones.

Only when shopping, ordering and paying on a smartphone can be done at once fluidly, quickly and safely can the consumer speak of increased convenience in digitization. This is where MUUME comes into play.

Digital shopping and yet still being in the shop. Shopping, informing yourself and paying - all digitally via an app and yet in person at the products.

Standing in long lines and impatiently waiting are things of the past. Products and services, but also food and drink can effortlessly, quickly and completely digitally be pre-ordered and paid for immediately.

Shopping on the go with smartphones. Time and location-independent shopping creates new potential. Shopping is thus made more convenient and more flexible for consumers.

The smartphone is replacing cash and cards. Consumers pay quickly and securely with their smartphones without crumbling cash in their pockets.

Securely manage money and cash equivalents, such as loyalty points, in a customer-oriented manner. Handling is more convenient, clearly arranged and flexible with a digital account.

Quickly send money independently of the location or settle invoices digitally. These are just a few of the features that are possible with digital payment. In addition, MUUME has incorporated the most common payment methods.

MUUME has a powerful registration and identification tool (KYC). MUUME offers a 100% digital process here, which gradually identifies the user according to the need and legitimizes said user for the corresponding activitites.