Pay quickly, easily and securely - regardless of the place and time

Transferring money to another person that arrives to the other person within less than a second, paying with a smartphone as part of a digital purchasing process and digital invoicing are just some of the aspects that allow users to plan their activities more flexibly.


MUUME is an expert in digital payment and its own payment service provider (PSP). In addition to the possibility to keep a digital MUUME account, MUUME has also incorporated the most common payment methods. In this way, consumers can use methods with which they are already familiar (Pay-thru) when making their payments. In addition, MUUME offers retailers risk checks, for example through partners who check the buyers for solvency.

Digital Payment Services

  • Paying by smartphone with the most common payment methods or via the MUUME account
  • P2P: Person A sends money to person B in seconds via smartphone
  • Digital invoicing: quick and secure payment of digitized invoices via smartphone

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