In the EU small companies employing less than 50 employees make up 96.9% of all enterprises, employ 49.8% of all workers and produce 38.4% of the GDP (Eurostat 2018). So small SME’s are vitally important to their local economies and the EU as a whole.

Yet most of these businesses are still working with a fixed line phone which hasn’t changed much in over 50 years.  

This is about to change…

Meet our solution

This is a normal phone with extraordinary talents. It’s like employing a new member of staff but not having to pay a salary.

The smart business phone is suitable for enterprises, institutions, homes and other occasions, adopts a large-screen LCD screen, supports touch, is simple and convenient to use, and is easy to operate. It has many practical functions such as making calls, sending and receiving text messages, managing address books, and surfing the Internet.  

Welcome to the new world of communication for business.

What does it do?

Hey-MUUME is a phone but with features that enable businesses to have the edge in communication in a new technological world.  All of these features along with simple Apps for the merchant to use.

Extended Functions

Intelligent Voice Recognition

You can complete video calls, message reminders, query weather, flight information and more without using your hands

Community Service

Voice home call appliance repair, community service, alarm and other service agencies, can also achieve TeleMedicine through video

Health Monitoring

You can connect to your blood pressure monitor via Bluetooth to achieve detection anytime, anywhere.

Product Functions

Full Netcom 4G Internet access, call, VoLTE video call.
PSTN answered the call.
Support users to customize the loading of various applications.
Multi-party video call.
Large capacity address book.
Blacklist interception, anti-harassment.
Support address book import, one-click synchronization, smart dialing, and collect important contacts.
Support recording
Support audio playback.
Support image management.
Support WIFI to achieve local access to the Internet.
uSupport Ethernet port to access the Internet.
Support local and remote upgrade functions.
Support for calculators, calendars and more.
5 million high-definition camera.
Auto focus (AF) is supported.
Support for taking photos and videos.

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