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Long lines and impatient waiting are a thing of the past.

Saving time or wanting things right away - these are the important keywords of our era. Consumers do not want to stand in long lines. Consumers also want the option to pre-order items - at the moment when they see the offer. With the pre-order solution from MUUME, these needs are met. Effortless, fast and completely digital, products, services or even food and beverages can be pre-ordered and paid for right away. This saves the customer time for more important things.

Mobile pre-ordering at events

Eating and drinking play an important part in our daily life. However, when attending sporting events or music concerts, but also during our lunch in the cafeteria, we want to spend as little time waiting in line as possible.

With Digital PRE-ORDER for events, MUUME has the perfect solution. Customers order and pay for their food and drinks in advance digitally with a few clicks on their smartphone - and no longer at the snack stand itself. This saves time and is fun! The food and drinks then only have to be picked up.

Mobile pre-ordering in retail

Pre-ordering products and services while paying for them simultaneously. Your favorite brand is soon launching a new jewelry collection. And the ticket to your favorite band can be pre-ordered. Or the favorite clothing brand is launching a limited edition, which can only be purchased via a pre-order in a certain period of time.

With Digital PRE-ORDER for retail, MUUME has the ideal solution for this. Customers order the product and also pay for it right away - quick and effortlessly with their own smartphone. They also choose the pick-up location themselves. Either the customer can have the product sent to their home or they use the pick-up service to pick up the product themselves at