Reduce queue times and increase customer retention with MUUME

Nobody likes queuing. Having to stand in a queue for too long is annoying and extremely frustrating. How many times have you decided ‘it’s not worth it’ and haven’t even bothered to queue? Queue drive customers away, period. The worst part…they may not even return again!

So how do we reduce queues? More tills? More staff? Is this really cost effective? What other options are available. Enter Scan, Pay and Go technology.

Scan, Pay and Go technology is taking hold all over the world with many large retailers adopting the technology. One of the larger companies is Amazon and now in the UK you have Sainsbury’s and CO-OP (to name a few) following suit.

This type of instore app technology is not only limited to the big boys or larger retailers. We are speaking to retailers like McColls, Nisa and One-Stop these smaller convenience stores as well as other business types are understanding they need to change. With changes in customer buying habits and the decline of cash sales and online spending up, you need to change in order to stay relevant.

Our scan, pay and go technology can help your business:

  • Reduce queues
  • Offer marketing opportunities
  • Influence the consumer in real time to generate extra revenues
  • Enable higher customer throughput at busiest times
  • Reduce POS costs hardware and maintenance
  • Enable quick product offer adaption to reduce wastage
  • See purchasing habits
  • Compete with the big merchants
  • Create customer loyalty
  • Reduce wastage

Want to understand how this can help you? Let’s have a chat or a coffee and we can see what we can do to help you become more relevant and beat the competition!