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BSC Young Boys

Digital pre-ordering at BSC Young Boys

At Stade de Suisse at BSC Young Boys in Bern, Switzerland, fans can experience digital pre-ordering. Using the YB app, which was developed by Swisscom, MUUME is integrated via the function "Order and pick-up." Before or during the game, fans choose their drinks and their food via the YB app. The fans then easily order and pay for the selection digitally via the smartphone. Using the generated QR code, the fans then go to the kiosk and scan it there. The order is then handed over. The classic ordering and payment process is eliminated. The advantages: the caterer has a higher throughput and can plan to use resources and materials better. Fans enjoy a digital experience, no longer have to stand in line with everyone else and shorten their time at the kiosk, since they no longer have to order and pay there.

We would like to offer our fans and spectators an all-around successful stadium experience. This also includes being able to order and pay for drinks and food before the game and during half-time as easily as possible. MUUME is the ideal partner for this and thus provides for a smooth, uncomplicated and quick processing - for the fans, the caters and the club.

Daniel Marti - Head of Marketing at BSC Young Boys