MUUME Software Development

The MUUME Group has a long history of software development through its Cashless Nation and Winify subsidiaries. We are the experts in developing Mobile-Applications and Web-based e-commerce solutions. These solutions all contain flexible payment processes to enable merchants to accept payment for their products and services both easily and efficiently.

Software and App Development

We develop solutions utilizing the latest cloud-based services and modern cloud technologies.

Delivering high quality software is only possible with experienced developers, a state-of-the-art development-methodology and up to date software tooling.

Our international development team has worked together for many years in its current constellation. Our area of specialism is creating autoscaling, highly reliable enterprise-grade applications utilizing technologies like geo-redundancy, single-sign-on and highly secure public Interfaces (like REST-APIs). We have vast experience and know how in building customized web frontends, e-Commerce backend solutions and native mobile applications utilizing JavaScript, Java, Swift and Kotlin.

Our highly integrated development toolchain includes cloud-based build services, automated workflows for requirements-engineering and development, as well as various forms of automated testing and deployment. This ensures an efficient and reliable development-process.

The applications we develop include ones for Scan, Pay and Go in the retail sector to money transfer and value card solutions with companies including Ingenico and AntePay.

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Software Development Solutions for your business