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Cash handling is complex, time-consuming and expensive. MUUME offers a safe and convenient digital purchase solution by smartphone for the numerous sports clubs - in cooperation with Deutsche Sportausweis.

MUUME / December 1, 2017

Cham, Switzerland, August 22, 2017 _ The Swiss fintech company MUUME Group AG successfully completes its series B round of funding of over 6 million Swiss francs, which leads to a post-money evaluation of around 40 million Swiss francs.

MUUME / 22. August 2017

In the Bernese Stadium Stade de Suisse, you find MUUME in action during the home games of the football club BSC Young Boys. Check it out!

MUUME / April 18, 2017

The Swiss Fintech company MUUME and European payment service provider Ingenico Payment Services have concluded an agreement.

MUUME / March 2, 2017

MUUME presents pre-ordering on your smartphone for sport & events

MUUME / February 28, 2017

The Swiss Fintech company MUUME and Deutsche Sportausweis GmbH are cooperating. One goal is to digitise the physical sports ID by using the MUUME technology and to establish a cross-channel service, including payment for German sports.

MUUME / November 28, 2016

MUUME delivers a speech about "Digital shopping - How the smartphone becomes a retail checkout terminal"

MUUME / October 17, 2016

MUUME at FinTech Lunch #9 with a speech about "The Future of Retail"

MUUME / October 13, 2016

Check out for MUUME in the top right-hand corner of the graphic

MUUME / October 7, 2016

The Swiss Fintech company MUUME and InterCard are cooperating in digitization projects for students. Both companies have agreed on a close cooperation.

MUUME / October 6, 2016

The Swiss Fintech company MUUME opened a branch in Argentinia in mid-September. With the newly founded MUUME Iberoamérica S.A. in Buenos Aires, the group is expanding into the Latin American markets.

MUUME / September 19, 2016

Spontaneously searching for products and services, because you are now in the mood for it and no matter where you are currently. Then ordering the sought after product immediately via your smartphone, selecting the delivery method to meet the current need and paying smoothly. SelfServiceM-SHOP from MUUME offers the optimal solution for this.

MUUME / September 13, 2016

The Swiss fintech company MUUME and Swisscom are working together on digitization projects. The first joint project is the integration of MUUME technology in the app of the Bernese soccer club BSC Young Boys (YB).

MUUME / August 22, 2016

The Omni-Vision label is re-seller for MUUME. OmniVision is a cooperation of retail specialists from Brainartist and omni-contact starting a road show through Germany, Switzerland and Holland on September, 19 2016.

MUUME / August 17, 2016

The Swiss fintech company MUUME will be represented at dmexco in Cologne on 14-15 September 2016.

MUUME / August 12, 2016

Your favorite brand is soon launching a new jewelry collection. Your favorite band has released its tour dates. Or your favorite clothing brand is launching a limited edition that can only be purchased for a certain period of time. With SelfServicePRE-ORDER for shopping, MUUME has the ideal solution for this. 

MUUME / June 28, 2016

The Fintech company MUUME receives CHF 2.2 million for growth financing: The Frankfurt-based private equity company Heliad Equity Partners as the lead investor, the successful entrepreneur and investor Hans Thomas Gross as well as the Zurich-based Family Office Keller are involved in the Swiss company MUUME Group AG.

MUUME / June 07, 2016

MUUME has participated successfully at the CrowdTuesday in Bulle, Switzerland.

European CrowdFunding Network / April 26, 2016

MUUME was chosen during the Swisscom Challenge among 150 applicants as one of the 10 finalists. 

Swisscom / May 2015

Artículos / Blogs

Digitization is changing the world at least as much as the industrial revolution did. / March 9, 2017

The classic model, which always requires at least one traditional bank institute to serve as a switching center, will be overtaken in the foreseeable future.

Bankingclub / January 31, 2017

Bankingclub asks, MUUME answers.

Bankingclub / December 19, 2016

At the Stade de Suisse in Berne the fans can already order and pay their food and beverages before the half-time. MUUME makes it possible. - This service could also be of interest to retailers doing special sales campaigns.

Retail Technology / November 23, 2016

Omni-Vision Retail Tour with MUUME on Board

Omni-Vision / September 26, 2016

MUUME helps the retailers to implement the new, mobile-driven shopping behavior of customers. / September 19, 2016

One idea behind MUUME is to bridge the gap between online and physical POS, changing the consumers behavior requesting a more flexible, mobile-friendly buying experience. / September 12, 2016

MUUME is a brandnew support member of BANKINGCLUB. "We are happy to be part of this large European network and looking forward to an enhanced partnership with the club."

BANKINGCLUB / August 22, 2016

MUUME and Swisscom jointly integrating digital technologies in the app of BSC Young Boys. / August 22, 2016

Mobile payment will only make the big jump once mobile payment is no longer spoken of. This is one of four key factors which might help to push mobile payment. / August 3, 2016

Conclusion: Mobile payment manages the big jump only if no longer is spoken about mobile payment.

Finance IT Blog / July 25, 2016

MUUME is part of a wallet overview for the German market. 

PAYMENTandBANKING / July 1, 2016

Finextra, too, informs about MUUME's growth financing.

Finextra / June 7, 2016 has picked up the great news of MUUME's succesful growth financing. / June 8, 2016

Swisscom/foresight publishes every month a map of the Swiss FinTech founder scene counting 180 Swiss FinTech Startups. MUUME is one of them.

Fintechnews Switzerland / May 18, 2016

The smartphone has become as personal as the wallet. But does it make a difference whether the customer at the store pulls out the smartphone with a payment app on it or the debit / credit card?

Retail Technology / November 11, 2015