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MUUME and the Deutsche Sportausweis agree on cooperation

Cham/Switzerland, 28 November 2016. The Swiss Fintech company MUUME and Deutsche Sportausweis GmbH are cooperating. One goal is to digitise the physical sports ID by using the MUUME technology and to establish a cross-channel service, including payment for German sports.

The partnership will expand the German sports / club identification with multifaceted MUUME solutions. Among other things, a separate smartphone app should make purchases possible at cooperating businesses or also serve digital services in the club environment, such as at local partners or sports clubs. The advantages for sports clubs and ass­ociations are obvious: The risks of cash handling, which is personnel-intensive and frequently leads to non-transparent invoices, is consistently eliminated – whether in the clubhouse, at restaurants, for the sale of entry tickets, token coins or settling course or court fees.  In addition, the problem of cash theft can be significantly reduced. Another field of application is the team wallet with which teams can collect money, such as participation fees, teamwork contributions or donations. 

The goal of the cooperation is to establish the joint services gradually as a standard of German sports for the about 1,450 sports associations, about 90,000 sports clubs and over 27 million memberships as well as the associated operations and sports facilities. 

Deutsche Sportausweis GmbH is the exclusive operator of the system "DOSB German Sports ID", the official national identification system of the German Olympic Sports Federation, of state sports associations and top associations. It harmonises cross-club and cross-association membership numbers and creates a uniform digital platform for the efficient administration and synergetic cooperation between clubs and associations.

"Thanks to the close cooperation with MUUME, we can further expand the digital application areas, which opens up new opportunities for clubs and their memb­ers as well as the sports associations as regards administration and sports organisation", says Stephan Penz, CEO of DSA.

"The German sports ID is the central document of sports in all of Germany. We would like to give the ID even more meaning and contribute digital functions that provide real added value for all ID holders. I look forward to working together and implementing the many ideas that we have developed for and with DSA", says Marco Samek, CEO of MUUME.



MUUME,, headquartered in Switzerland, is a platform for digital self-service for daily consumption that consumers can use to take care of their purchases and orders on their smartphones effortlessly and in a customized manner. MUUME is an expert in digital product data management and digital payment. To this end, at its core MUUME deals with the digitization of everyday consumer and shopping processes and links them closely with the usual banking and payment services and with added values, such as loyalty programs, couponing, home delivery and pick-up service. Shopping, being informed and paying – everything digitally with one app, no matter whether at the POS, on the go or from home. In the digital age, the consumer is becoming more and more self-directed: Traditional consumer processes thus become digital self-service processes, which are executed by the consumers themselves – even activities that were previously up to the merchant.


About DSA Deutsche Sportausweis GmbH  

Deutsche Sportausweis GmbH,, is the exclusive operator of the system "DOSB German Sports ID", the official national identification system of the German Olympic Sports Federation, of state sports associations and top associations. The system gradually tapping into the 1,450 sports associations, about 90,000 sports clubs with over 27 million memberships as well as the associated operating and sports facilities. By means of a flawless 10-digit DOSB number as regards data protection and a reference 16-digit BIN number, administration and sports organisational processes in the club and in between clubs and associations are simplified and raised to a digital level. From digital, data protection flawless administration of memberships to professional membership cards with the latest technology, the sports ID key-capable solutions for access control to buildings and sports facilities, space / hall booking / occupancy, locker / luggage compartment systems, restaurants, kiosks, vending machines, working / training time recording (personnel athletes), ticketing, connecting with retail partners / sponsors, management interfaces to clubs and associations, interfaces to all external hardware and software service providers to cashless cross-channel payment systems for the clubhouse, stadium, arena and events. 





MUUME headquartered in Switzerland, is a platform for digital services for daily consumption and for purchasing and ordering processes on smartphones, through which consumers individually complete their purchases and orders. MUUME is an expert in designing digital consumer buying experiences and for digital payment. In the age of digitalization, consumers are increasingly taking control themselves: traditional consumer and purchasing processes are thus becoming digital processes on smartphones. MUUME operates independently of technology and payment methods and works with the highest safety standards..




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