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Processing of data and information security

MUUME is committed to protecting your data (account, user and transaction data). In this regard, MUUME complies with the relevant data protection provisions. In accordance with these provisions, MUUME processes your personal data and creates own personality profiles about you. This is due to the requirements of the Swiss anti-money laundering act which requires from MUUME to precisely identify the customer and to precisely document the transactions. Furthermore, these data make it possible to inform you on a more needs-orientated basis.

MUUME treats your personal data confidentially and does not pass them on to third parties, unless MUUME is, due to legal and regulatory provisions or by command of the authorities, obligated to do so. The bank which holds the MUUME bank account and is itself obliged to confidentiality and the sellers on MUUME which have gained access to your personal data, are not considered as third parties. In case it is factually mandatory to pass data on to another partner (e.g. for delivery or pick-up of goods) in order to effect fulfilment of the service requested by your side, MUUME will pass on this data to the respective partner, who is in turn obliged to confidentiality.

With the acceptance of these general terms and conditions, you give your consent that MUUME may allow sellers to optimize their service further and to make suitable offers to you. The seller explicitly agrees that any personal data will be only treated with the greatest care, security and in accordance with the respective privacy policy provisions and applicable legal provisions.

MUUME can anonymize and/or aggregate personal data so that they can no longer be linked to concrete persons and companies. This kind of information can at any time be used by MUUME and also passed on to third parties.

In order to provide the best possible convenience, MUUME is allowed - without specific instructions from your side - to synchronize the contacts in your mobile phone/smartphone with MUUME’s circle of users.

To process your data, MUUME makes use of state-of-the-art information technology. This includes a multiple software and hardware infrastructure. Furthermore, the data are stored on servers which are safely placed in Switzerland.

It is important for the safety of your data and of your MUUME account that you protect your hardware (computer, smartphone etc.) and your means of identification (especially your password). Keep your password secret and never pass it on to third parties. Do not write your password down and do not save it on your computer, smartphone etc. Protect your computer with protection software and update these programmes on a regular basis (anti-virus software and firewall). Make regular updates of your operating system and your browser (updates, service packs, bug fixes). Never react to emails or phone calls in which you are asked to disclose information about your MUUME account or your bank account or your credit card.

If you pass on your password or make it accessible, the respective persons can gain access to your MUUME account and your data. All activities which are carried out with your password will in such a case be attributed to you. Should you suspect that another person has gotten hold of your password, you will have to immediately change it and inform us.