MUUME offers new pre-order solutions for digital self-service for shopping & events

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Cham, Switzerland, June 28, 2016: Your favorite brand is soon launching a new jewelry collection. Your favorite band has released its tour dates. Or your favorite clothing brand is launching a limited edition that can only be purchased for a certain period of time.

With SelfServicePRE-ORDER for shopping, MUUME has the ideal solution for this. Customers pre-order the product and also pay for this at the same time – quickly and effortlessly on their own smartphone. They also choose the pick-up location. Either the customers can send the product to their home or they use the pick-up service to pick it up themselves at the place of business.

The application can also easily be used in the event sector. After all, food and drink are an important part of our life. However, we would like to spend at little time as possible standing in line when attending sporting events or music concerts – even at lunch in the cafeteria.

With SelfServicePRE-ORDER, MUUME provides the solution for this. Customers digitally pay and order for their food and drinks in advance with a few clicks using their smartphone and no longer at the snack stand itself. Food and drink are available and just have to be picked up.

At its core, MUUME deals with the digitization of everyday consumption processes, whether for product information and product presentation, shopping in stores or on the Internet or for ordering and paying for a service. The top priority here is to offer the consumer clearly defined added values. This also applies to the latest product group “SelfServicePRE-ORDER for Shopping and Events.”

MUUME relies on custom solutions aimed at the respective dealer here. With this concept, MUUME is a technically leading platform for digital self-service in daily consumption that consumers can use to effortlessly complete their purchases and orders in a customized manner on their smartphones.

MUUME headquartered in Switzerland, is a platform for digital services for daily consumption and for purchasing and ordering processes on smartphones, through which consumers individually complete their purchases and orders. MUUME is an expert in designing digital consumer buying experiences and for digital payment. In the age of digitalization, consumers are increasingly taking control themselves: traditional consumer and purchasing processes are thus becoming digital processes on smartphones. MUUME operates independently of technology and payment methods and works with the highest safety standards.

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