MUUME offers SelfServiceM-SHOP for shopping on the go and integration products

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Cham, Switzerland, 13. September 2016: Spontaneously searching for products and services, because you are now in the mood for it and no matter where you are currently. Then ordering the sought after product immediately via your smartphone, selecting the delivery method to meet the current need and paying smoothly. SelfServiceM-SHOP from MUUME offers the optimal solution for this. Either as a single solution or in conjunction with other of the company’s key products SelfServicePOS and SelfServicePRE-ORDER.

The new MUUME product is coming at the right time. Because the smartphone is revolutionizing purchasing behavior. Mobile shopping in particular is extremely popular. Time and location-independent shopping offers new potential – both because of its greater reach as well as with respect to the better availability of the products. Services such as home delivery or picking up items at the business make shopping with your smartphone even more convenient and flexible.

In addition, MUUME offers powerful individual modules. All modules are also integrated in the key products of MUUME. In this way, they have already been successfully tested for functionality and performance and are integrated. Third-party systems can therefore be enriched with proven products.

For example, MUUME offers a powerful registration and identification tool. As part of the management of money, the identification of the buyer is an integral part, not least in order to comply with respective national money laundering laws and regulations. MUUME offers a 100% digital method here for identifying the user gradually and depending on the need and legitimizing them for the respective activities. Other module products are MUUME Payment and the cloud-based MUUME Wallet solution.

Find them here: SelfServiceM-SHOP / Integration Products

MUUME headquartered in Switzerland, is a platform for digital services for daily consumption and for purchasing and ordering processes on smartphones, through which consumers individually complete their purchases and orders. MUUME is an expert in designing digital consumer buying experiences and for digital payment. In the age of digitalization, consumers are increasingly taking control themselves: traditional consumer and purchasing processes are thus becoming digital processes on smartphones. MUUME operates independently of technology and payment methods and works with the highest safety standards.

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